3.4.1 Patch Release Notes - 10 October 2018

Status: Stable with disclaimer

The 3.4.1 patch release is recommended for users of OpenLMIS version 3.4.0 and includes fixes for the delayed login process when using the Firefox browser and enabling the update of offline requisitions.

Disclaimer: The 3.4.1 Patch release does not contain any known blocking bugs. Full regression testing and manual performance testing was not conducted as part of the patch release.

Patch Release Notes

3.4.1 Patch Release contains the bug fixes for - OLMIS-5235 - OLMIS-5502

For information about future planned releases, see the Living Product Roadmap. Pull requests and contributions are welcome.


Compatible with OpenLMIS 3.4.0

Backwards-Compatible Except As Noted

Unless noted here, all other changes to OpenLMIS 3.x are backwards-compatible. All changes to data or schemas include automated migrations from previous versions back to version 3.0.1. All new or altered functionality is listed in the sections below for New Features and Changes to Existing Functionality.

Upgrading from Older Versions

If you are upgrading to OpenLMIS 3.4.1 from OpenLMIS 3.0.x or 3.1.x (without first upgrading to 3.2.x), please review the 3.2.0 Release Notes for important compatibility information about a required PostgreSQL extension and data migrations.

For information about upgrade paths from OpenLMIS 1 and 2 to version 3, see the 3.0.0 Release Notes.

Download or View on GitHub

OpenLMIS Reference Distribution 3.4.1

Known Bugs

No known additional bugs were included in this patch release. Bug reports are collected in Jira for troubleshooting, analysis and resolution on an ongoing basis. See OpenLMIS 3.4.0 Bugs for the current list of known bugs.

To report a bug, see Reporting Bugs.

New Features

No new features were introduced with this patch release.

Changes to Existing Functionality

Version 3.4.1 contains changes that impact users of existing functionality. Please review these changes which may require informing end-users and/or updating your customizations/extensions:

  • OLMIS-5235: Performance issue after login using Firefox
  • OLMIS-5502: No ‘Update Requisiton’ button after offline mode


No manual performance testing was conducted for this patch release.

Test Coverage

Manual regression tests were conducted using a set of 139 Zephyr tests tracked in Jira. One bug was found and resolved during testing. See the test cycle for all regression test case executions for this patch release: 3.4.1 Patch Release Test Plan and Execution.

Component Version Numbers

Version 3.4.1 of the Reference Distribution contains the following components and versions listed below. The Reference Distribution bundles these components together using Docker to create a complete OpenLMIS instance. Each component has its own own public GitHub repository (source code) and DockerHub repository (release image). The Reference Distribution and components are versioned independently; for details see Versioning and Releasing.

Auth Service 4.0.0

CCE Service 1.0.1

Fulfillment Service 7.0.1

Notification Service 4.0.0

Reference Data Service 11.0.0

Report Service 1.1.1

This service is intended to provide reporting functionality for other components to use. Built-in reports in OpenLMIS 3.4.0 are still powered by their own services. In future releases, they may be migrated to a new version of this centralized report service.

Warning: Developers should take note that the design of this service will be changing with future releases. Developers and implementers are discouraged from using this 1.1.1 version to build additional reports.

Requisition Service 7.0.1

Stock Management 3.1.0

Reference UI 5.1.0

The Reference UI is the web-based user interface for the OpenLMIS Reference Distribution. This user interface is a single page web application that is optimized for offline and low-bandwidth environments. The Reference UI is compiled together from module UI modules using Docker compose along with the OpenLMIS dev-ui. UI modules included in the Reference UI are:

Reference Data-UI 5.4.1

ReferenceData-UI CHANGELOG

Auth-UI 6.1.2


CCE-UI 1.0.1

Fulfillment-UI 6.0.1

Report-UI 5.0.6

Requisition-UI 5.5.0

Requisition-UI CHANGELOG

Stock Management-UI 2.0.1

Stock Management-UI CHANGELOG

UI-Components 6.0.1


UI-Layout 5.1.1

Dev UI v8